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Hello world, I am Brigitte Piniewski!

I am a physician, ex-healthcare executive, researcher, author and angel investor who has witnessed healthcare from every angle. More recently, while providing investor education in the Web3 ethos, I have appreciated the potential for pivotal health transformation now possible using new distributed ledger approaches. Thus rather than continue advising teams and corporations engaged in incremental innovations that simply digitize our analog healthcare, I decided to write Wealthcare: Demystifying Web3 and the Rise of Personal Data Economies. This book provides a wide audience of healthcare professionals, policy makers, developers and patients a common framework from which to both see and build our preferred health futures.

The Future of Healthcare

My Best-seller: Wealthcare

Demystifying web3 and the rise of personal data economies in healthcare

Her seminal book, “Wealthcare: Demystifying Web3 and the Rise of Personal Data Economies”, also available as an NFT, is an essential guide for anyone aiming to spearhead innovations in healthcare. 
Dr. Piniewski covers how a dramatic elevation in personally relevant health intelligence is poised to not only enable cutting-edge products and services but also a myriad of new data-dependent business models which will lay the foundation for society’s next leap in wealth production.

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Health intelligence has always been based on study populations – a vast sea of statistics, trends and averages. Yet not one of us exists as average. Each of us are a unique tapestry of genetics and experiences.

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